Which are the best SOUTHERN schools near me for 2024 entry?

Looking for the top Southern schools 2024?

Which are THE best performing 2024 Southern schools nearby

based on 2024 school league tables?

Shown first is the top Southern school’s Regional ranking, which is followed by the Southern school’s name and then that leading Southern school’s national 2024 rating.

Best Southern secondary and grammar schools

1. Reading School (8)
2. Kendrick School, Reading (15)
3. Tonbridge Grammar School (16)
4. Dartford Grammar School (19)
5. Nonsuch High School for Girls, Cheam (33)
6. Dr Challoner’s Grammar School, Amersham (35=)
7. Beaconsfield High School (37)
8. Dr Challoner’s High School, Little Chalfont (38)
9. Chesham Grammar School (41)
10. Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School, Marlow (44)

Best comprehensive schools in the southeast

1. St Andrew’s RC School, Leatherhead (56)
2. Yavneh College, Borehamwood (106=)
3. St Peter’s Catholic School, Guildford (117)
4. Sandringham School, St Albans (133)
5. Salesian School, Chertsey (149=)
6. St Albans Girls’ School (154)
7. St George’s School, Harpenden (155)
8. Didcot Girls’ School (157)
9. Gordon’s School, Woking (161=)
10. Roundwood Park School, Harpenden (163)

Best private schools in the southeast

1. Guildford High School (2)
2. Tonbridge School (6)
3. Magdalen College School, Oxford (7=)
4. Brighton College (11)
5. Sevenoaks School (20)
6. Royal Grammar School, Guildford (22)
7. Reigate Grammar School (25)
8. Wellington College, Crowthorne (26)
9. Winchester College (29)
10. Wycombe Abbey (30)
11=. St Mary’s School Ascot (34=)
11=. Eton College, Windsor (34=)
13. St Albans High School for Girls (38=)
14. St Helen and St Katharine, Abingdon (47)
15. Abingdon School (53)
16. St Catherine’s, Bramley (54)
17. Oxford High School GDST (56)
18. City of London Freemen’s School, Ashtead (60)
19. Epsom College (61)
20. The Abbey School, Reading (62)

How to get your child into the top nearby Southern school?

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How do the best southern private schools compare to the top UK secondary schools?

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Getting your child into the best southern school for them is all about:

  • Researching which are the highest rated schools in your local area.
  • Planning alternatives in advance – since there is of course no guarantee of your first choice working out.

  • Realistically assessing your current financial situation.

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Which school entry exam practice best suits your child’s needs?

1 Pate’s Grammar School, Cheltenham
2 Colyton Grammar School
3 Stroud High School
4 Torquay Girls’ Grammar School
5 South Wilts Grammar School, Salisbury
6 Bishop Wordsworth’s School, Salisbury
7 Torquay Boys’ Grammar School
8 Sir Thomas Rich’s School, Gloucester
9 Bournemouth School for Girls
10 Denmark Road High School, Gloucester
11 Parkstone Grammar School, Poole
12 Poole Grammar School
13 Bournemouth School
14 Devonport High School for Girls, Plymouth
15 Marling School, Stroud
16 Churston Ferrers Grammar School, Brixham
17 The Crypt School, Gloucester
18 Balcarras School, Cheltenham
19 Devonport High School for Boys, Plymouth
20 The Cotswold School, Cheltenham

Top independent secondary schools Southwest 2022

1 Cheltenham Ladies’ College
2 St Mary’s Calne
3 Exeter School
4 Badminton School, Bristol
5 King Edward’s School, Bath
6 Marlborough College
7 Queen Elizabeth’s Hospital, Bristol
8 The Maynard School, Exeter
9 Redmaids’ High School, Bristol
10 Canford School, Wimborne
11 Bristol Grammar School
12 The Royal High School Bath GDST
13 Dauntsey’s School, Devizes
14= Sherborne Girls
14= Monkton School, Bath
16 Talbot Heath, Bournemouth
17 Kingswood School, Bath
18 Sherborne School
19 The Ladies’ College, Guernsey
20 Godolphin School, Salisbury

Which are the top south east schools 2022?
…the best schools near me / best private schools in the UK?

Brighton best southeast Schools 2021

Best south primary schools 2022

411South Farnham SchoolFarnham338
819=Portswood Primary SchoolSouthampton336
1027=Sheredes Primary SchoolHoddesdon335
12=47=Holy Trinity C of E Primary School, CookhamMaidenhead334
13=35=Harvey Road Primary SchoolRickmansworth334
14=47=Christ Church Chorleywood C of E SchoolChorleywood334
15=47=Middleton Primary SchoolMilton Keynes334
16=47=Hillborough Junior School, LutonLuton334
17=47=Wood End SchoolHarpenden334
1843=St Nicholas C of E VA Primary SchoolHarpenden334
21=66=Castleview Primary SchoolSlough333
2274=Kingsdown and Ringwould C of E Primary SchoolDeal333
25=106=St Dominic Savio RC Primary SchoolWoodley332
26=106=St Faith’s C of E Primary School, WinchesterWinchester332
27=90=Spinfield School, MarlowMarlow332
28=106=Chorleywood Primary SchoolRickmansworth332
29=90=St Paul’s RC Primary School, TilehurstReading332
30=90=St Alban’s RC Primary SchoolEast Molesey332


Best private schools in the UK

Top Southeastern State Secondary Schools 2022

1 Reading School
2 Tonbridge Grammar School
3 Kendrick School, Reading
4 Dartford Grammar School
5 The Judd School, Tonbridge
6 Dame Alice Owen’s School, Potters Bar
7 Hockerill Anglo-European College, Bishop’s Stortford
8 Dr Challoner’s Grammar School, Amersham
9 Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School
10 Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School, Marlow
11 Beaconsfield High School
12 The Skinners’ School, Tunbridge Wells
13 Wycombe High School, High Wycombe
14 Watford Grammar School for Girls
15 The Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe
16 Chesham Grammar School
17 Yavneh College, Borehamwood
18 Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School, Aylesbury
19 Aylesbury High School
20 Aylesbury Grammar School

Which are the best schools near me?

Top independent secondary schools in the south 2022

1 Wycombe Abbey School, High Wycombe
2 Magdalen College School, Oxford
3 Guildford High School
4 Brighton College
5 Sevenoaks School
6 Eton College, Windsor
7 Haberdashers’ Girls’ School, Elstree
8 The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School, Elstree
9 St Mary’s School Ascot
10 Royal Grammar School, Guildford
11 Winchester College
12 St Helen and St Katharine, Abingdon
13 Oxford High School GDST
14 Tonbridge School
15 St Albans High School for Girls
16 St Catherine’s, Bramley
17 Reigate Grammar School
18 The Abbey School, Reading
19= Abingdon School
19= Downe House, Thatcham

Which are the best schools near me? 

Which are the top south east schools / best private schools in the UK?   


Top Schools Southeast 2021

  • 244 high-performing state and independent schools featuring in our rankings, contributes four of our 26 Schools of the Decade.

  • 133 of the 500 top-performing state secondary schools are to be found in the southeast
  • Yet the appetite for independent education is huge, with 156,000 children educated in fee-paying schools here, 50,000 more than in London.

Brighton College seizes the title of UK Independent Secondary School of the Decade. In recent years it has made itself at home in our top 10, yet 15 years ago it did not even make the top 100.

Another independent school — Guildford High — has greater longevity in the top 10 than Brighton and wins our Southeast Independent Secondary School of the Decade title. Its senior girls have earned a place among the academic elite for the past eight years in succession. Guildford High Junior School topped the Parent Power prep school rankings published last week and is a former Prep School of the Year.

Led by Fiona Boulton since 2002, Guildford High School (GHS) is about much more than just fine results. As part of United Learning — a group of more than 90 schools spanning the independent and state sectors across England — the school found that the coronavirus lockdown provided the opportunity to share its gift for making learning fun and engaging.


Good schools south east 2021

Dartford Grammar School is named International Baccalaureate School of the Decade is Dartford grammar schools

  • The Sunday TImes award spanning both state and independent sectors.
  • 1/4 state schools offering only the IB qualification in the sixth form.
  • Selective intake has a broad social mix.
  • 45% of its University entrants are the first in their family.
  • Immune to any Covid-19 related grade inflation; average IB point score attained by pupils at Dartford Grammar has increased in the last decade to 36.9 from 31.8.

Which are the best schools near me? 

Which are the top south east schools / best private schools in the UK?   


Top state secondary schools in the South east

  1. Reading School
  2. Dartford Grammar School
  3. Kendrick School, Reading
  4. The Judd School, Tonbridge
  5. Tonbridge Grammar School
  6. Dr Challoner’s High School, Little Chalfont
  7. Dr Challoner’s Grammar School, Amersham
  8. Dame Alice Owen’s School, Potters Bar
  9. Wycombe High School, High Wycombe
  10. Hockerill Anglo-European College, Bishop’s Stortford
  11. Sir William Borlase’s Grammar School, Marlow
  12. Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School
  13. Royal Latin School, Buckingham
  14. Chesham Grammar School
  15. The Skinners’ School, Tunbridge Wells
  16. The Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe
  17. Aylesbury Grammar School
  18. Watford Grammar School for Girls
  19. Beaconsfield High School
  20. Aylesbury High School 

Which are the best schools near me? 

Which are the top south east schools / best private schools in the UK?     

empty classroom best southeast Schools 2021

Top independent secondary schools in the South east

  1. Brighton College
  2. Wycombe Abbey School, High Wycombe
  3. Magdalen College School, Oxford
  4. Guildford High School
  5. St Mary’s School Ascot
  6. Eton College, Windsor
  7. Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls, Elstree
  8. Sevenoaks School
  9. The Haberdashers’ Aske’s Boys’ School, Elstree
  10. Oxford High School GDST
  11. Winchester College
  12. St Albans High School for Girls
  13. Tonbridge School
  14. Royal Grammar School, Guildford
  15. Merchant Taylors’ School, Northwood
  16. St Helen and St Katharine, Abingdon
  17. Abingdon School
  18. Reigate Grammar School
  19. St Catherine’s, Bramley
  20. Radley College, Abingdon

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