THE LATEST 11 plus mark schemes to help you pass the 2024 11+ exam

Welcome to our 2024 11 plus mark schemes to help you pass the 11+ exam.

Which are THE BEST 11 plus mark schemes to use?

BUY 11 plus mark schemes for selective schools.

  • Our expert mark schemes provide detailed answers as well as step-by-step explanations for every question in actual past papers.
  • Each mark scheme is also packed with advice and top tips to help your child learn and improve.
  • Keep reading to learn more about our range of mark schemes and how they will benefit

Which 11+ grammar school entry exam practice will best suit your child’s needs?

Many grammar schools provide sample 11- papers for their school entry exams. However, very few include answers and explanations for these 11- practice tests. Whereas buying the 11+ mark schemes

  • Allows you to mark your child’s 11+ work and to accurately assess your child’s progress towards passing their 11+ exam.
  • Encourages your child to learn new 11+ test techniques.
  • Helps your child build their 11+ test-taking confidence.
  • Should improve overall 11 plus exam performance.
  • Offers detailed answers and step-by-step explanations for every question found in real 11 plus past papers.

What are the Benefits of our 11+ mark schemes?

  • Efficient and Accurate 11 plus Marking

Our mark schemes feature precise answers for all questions, enabling you to assess your child’s work accurately. They offer detailed breakdowns, pinpointing errors and areas needing attention for improvement, with clear explanations on how each mark is assigned.

  • Insights from Experienced 11+ Examiners

Crafted by expert teachers with examiner experience, our mark schemes don’t just provide answers but also offer comprehensive guidance, step-by-step methods, insider tips, and specific advice. This equips your child with a clear understanding of how to achieve higher 11+ scores.


11 Plus revision process as stress free

Undue pressure and stress leads to under-performance.
Educational research has shown that children who feel under pressure and stress begin to see their ability to recall vocabulary and accurately and quickly deliver mental maths calculations degrade.

In most cases you will see some reduction in performance due to the stresses of the day.

If 11+ pressure and stress is not managed properly then 11 Plus pupils can

  • experience a 30% reduction in their ability to recall vocabulary and a
  • 10%-15% reduction in their ability to deliver 11 plus mental maths.
  • In the worst cases (which we see every year without fail) children may freeze on the day.

Which are THE BEST Eleven Plus Revision PAST PAPERS?

11+ Exam papers are essential for an effective eleven plus revision process but they need to be used in the right way. It is not the case that children who have done full preparation will improve by doing paper after paper. In fact, for many children just doing lots of papers will be counter-productive.

Past 11 plus Papers should be used to keep children up to speed, papers should be used to aid accurate working, papers should be used to gap fill knowledge.

This is true revision for those who have been through a full preparation exercis.

Our FREE 11 Plus exam papers

Last Minute Eleven Plus Preparation

Often we get contact from parents who are nearing the end of the time they have available who have done little or no work and they want to know what work they can do. Many parents class this as 11 plus revision but in fact the process is very different from real 11 plus revision which takes place at the end of a full preparation process.


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