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We recommend the Magoosh 2023 GMAT test practice.

2023 GMAT Practice

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT):

  • Is an essential application process in the business school.
  • Comprises a Computer-Based multi-choice and computer adaptive standardized exam
  • Is required during the admission of graduate business programs throughout the world.
  • Administered and developed by the test method named GMAC for providing the business schools with few common measures regarding the preparedness of the applicants in the academic work of the graduate level.

The admission committee of the business school always looks at the score of this test along with the academic record, work experience, and supporting materials to assess the capability of students for an MBA program.

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GMAT Intro

The GMAT’s key features are:

  • Assesses Algebra, basic arithmetic, geometry, grammar, and multi-source data analysis.
  • Measures the capability of evaluating and analyzing solving problem skills as well as thinking skills.
  • Analyzes critical thinking skills.
  • Comprises integrated reasoning, verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing assessment.
  • Consists of different sections of analysis and critical thinking throughout the test that will be required for the MBA course work.

It has different durations for each test section:

  • Analytical writing sub-test 30 minutes
  • Integrated reasoning sub-test 30 minutes
  • Quantitative section 62 minutes
  • Verbal section, around 65 minutes are provided.

To undertake the GMAT, students are required paying fee of $275. Also, the validity of the GMAT score is 5 years.


GMAT test practice

The GMAT is taken by graduate managerial school applicants. It assesses the candidates’ reasoning in brief passages or statements.

Other factors, such as undergraduate grades, interviews and recommendation letters also form part of the graduate managerial school assessment.

The relative importance of the GMAT score within these multiple criteria depends upon the individual institution.


GMAT Practice Tips

We advise:

  • Practice as many realistic GMAT questions as you can.
  • Develop the most effective GMAT strategies for you personally.
  • Look for any answer option that is clearly wrong because it is incompatible andhen eliminate it.
  • Remember that there is a small score deduction for every wrong answer given. However no marks are deducted if ta question is left blank.

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