Our recommended Sutton 11 plus test practice papers

Firstly, the list below shows our Sutton 11 plus test practice papers and our Surrey Grammar School entrance info.

THE BEST Sutton 11 plus test practice papers

Here is School Entrance Testsfree 11 Plus Test practice for both the GL 11 plus and CEM 11 plus types.


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We recommend that your 11 plus test practice is as similar as possible to the 11 plus publisher for that particular county.

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Our Guide to English grammar schools

One source for finding local grammar schools is the National Grammar Schools Association. This allows you to search for grammar schools by different counties. Here’s our own regional grammar schools list and Wikipaedia’s list of English grammar schools.


List of grammar schools in Sutton

  • Nonsuch High School for Girls’ Selective Eligibility Test – Nov 2022
  • Sutton Grammar School for Boys 11 plus exam.
  • The Wallington County Grammar School (Boys) 11 plus exam.
  • Wallington High School for Girls 11 plus exam.
  • Wilson’s School (Boys) 11 plus exam.
  • Greenshaw High School – Nov 2022.


Sutton 11 plus Exam Format

The Surrey 11 plus exam – for example Kingston Tiffin girls grammar school – is conducted in two phases:

  1. The first phase is a sifting stage. This merely determines which Surrey 11 plus applicants have passed and are therefore eligible for an invitation to phase two. It comprises multiple-choice maths and English papers. The first paper consists of a test where the marking is performed by the computer. The marks from the first test do not contribute to the final pass/fail result.
  2. It is only the second Surrey 11 plus phase which determines whether 11 plus applicants to Surrey grammar schools pass the Surrey 11 plus entrance exam. Or not. In this next stage, tests are conducted for both mathematics and English.


Tiffin 11+ exam Facts

1) Stage 1 multiple-choice exams consist of Maths and English tests on 30th September or 1st October.

2) The Stage 2 exam also consists of Maths and English tests but in a different format. This will take place in November 2021.

3) The Stage 1 English is not exactly the same every year but there are certain question types that appear regularly. These include Synonyms & Antonyms, Odd One Out and Spelling. In the occassionally used Paragraph Ordering question type, students need to rearrange the jumbled paragraphs in a passage.

5) Each Tiffin school receives around 1500 applicants for roughly 180 places.

6) Our evidence suggests that those students who consistently score over 85% in our practice tests in both Stage 1 exams have the best chance  of reaching Stage 2.

7) Tiffin schools’ Stage 2 English exam has a comprehension and a writing task:

  • The comprehension task requires full sentence answers.
  • Whereas, the Writing task provides a prompt, such as a story’s last sentence. Of course, students must then demostrate their creative writing skills to complete the rest.

9) The Tiffin schools’ Stage 2 Maths exam consists of multiple-step problems.


Sutton 11 plus practice

Bucks 11 plus practice. View of village in Buckinghamshire

Interestingly, these schools were one part of the state-funded education system from around 1944 to the late 1960’s. The other part of this stated funded system was state schools. However, after this era, many of these schools became independent, charging fees.

Some of these Grammar schools that retained their selective intake recently gained Academy status. Therefore making them independent from the Local Education Authority.


Sutton 11 Plus Test Practice