Which are the best London Private Schools near me for 2023 entry?

Welcome to our page on Top London Private Schools 2023 entry. How do I find London’s Top Independent Schools? The Guardian, The Times and The Telegraph websites allow you to add filters to their published league tables. You can pull out those schools for which you are in the catchment area.

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School Entrance Tests recommend buying your 2023 independent school exam practice papers as the above bundles. This is not just because they save you money, but because they…

How do I interpret the Top Independent Schools’ league tables?

The London independent school league table rankings are based on the latest exam results. These are usually the previous independent school year group’s…

  • GCSE exam results
  • A-Level exam results

ASK YOURSELF, which independent school best suits your child’s specific needs?

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London Ofsted Reports for its independent schools

What are Ofsted reports?

  • Well firstly these are something that you must check for each indepdnet school of interest.
  • Each Ofsted report is an analysis of that school’s teachers’ professional competence
  • Plus, how well performance standards have been met across the independent school. There are three possible outcomes: under-achieving; achieving; or outstanding.


EXAMPLE – Hounslow Private Schools Entrance Exams.

We offer valuable ISEB’s Common Pre-Test prep school entry tips and passing your private school interview tips.

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Looking for London’s Top Independent Schools’ league tables?


London’s Top Independent Schools’ A-Level results

Welcome to our specialist info on London’s Top Independent Schools’ A-Level results.

Which London indepdent schools exceed national averages?

  • For GCSEs
  • A-Levels

When are London independent schools’ open days?


London’s Top Independent Schools’ A-Level results

The percentage of A Level entries with A / A* grades is the basis for our Table’s A-Level rankings.

Enjoy our Top 40 Independent Schools’ A-Level results!


London's Top Independent Schools' A-Level results. Arial pic of London

Top 10 Independent Schools’ A-Level results 2020

A / A* gradesDay Fees
189.88St Paul’s Girls’ SchoolDayGirls24,891
288.92Westminster SchoolBothCo-ed (Boys Only 7-16)29,709
384.73St Paul’s SchoolBothBoys25,032
482.35City of London School for GirlsDayGirls18,384
580.21James Allen’s Girls’ SchoolDayGirls17,991
678.63King’s College School – WimbledonDayBoys (Co-ed 6th form)21,600
776.17Highgate SchoolDayCo-ed20,970
875.7Alleyn’s School, DulwichDayCo-ed19,851
972.6Godolphin & Latymer SchoolDayGirls21,615
1071.75Wimbledon High SchoolDayGirls18,810




Next 30 Independent Schools’ A-Levels

University College School





Boys (Co-ed 6th form)



1270.05South Hampstead High SchoolDayGirls18,654
1369.05Putney High SchoolDayGirls18,900
1468.44City of London School for BoysDayBoys17,901
1566.94Latymer Upper SchoolDayCo-ed20,130
1665.44Notting Hill and Ealing High SchoolDayGirls18,561
1763.37Channing SchoolDayGirls19,410
1863.19Eltham CollegeDayBoys (Co-ed 6th form)17,775
1962.62Dulwich CollegeBothBoys20,448
2056.07Francis Holland School – Regent’s ParkDayGirls20,040
2155.26Queen’s Gate – KensingtonDayGirls20,550
2254.76St James Independent School For Senior GirlsDayGirls20,100
2354.37St Dunstan’s CollegeDayCo-ed
2452.27Queen’s College – LondonDayGirls19,125
2649.23The Harrodian SchoolDayCo-ed23,040
2748.41Forest School – LondonDayCo-ed18,681
2847.1Brampton CollegeDayCo-ed19,935
2946.59Colfe’s SchoolDayCo-ed16,929
3046.26Ibstock Place SchoolDayCo-ed20,880
3141.67St Benedict’s SchoolDayCo-ed16,845
3241.24Albemarle Independent CollegeDayCo-ed21,000
3341Francis Holland School – Sloane SquareDayGirls20,910
3439The Arts Educational SchoolDayCo-ed16,830
3538.58Mill Hill SchoolBothCo-ed21,141
3635.11Streatham & Clapham School GDSTDayGirls (Co-ed 3-5)17,622
3734.29Mander Portman Woodward – LondonDayCo-ed30,678
3831.3Blackheath High SchoolDayGirls16,494
3930.5Chelsea Independent CollegeBothCo-ed24,000
4029.25Sydenham High School GDSTDayGirls16,737

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