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Welcome to our practice Prep school 6+ exams.

6+ Exams practice for prep School Entry

Here’s some excellent replica versions of real 6+ prep school entry tests:

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Prep school mock 9 plus exam papers

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Why purchase the 6 plus practice test bundle instead?

This 6+ test bundle provides the multiple practice papers your child needs to achieve their full 6+ exam passing potential.

In summary, School Entrance Tests recommends that parents practice these past papers with their child. Doing this will help build the necessary exam-taking confidence to face all kinds of 6+ test questions.

How do you know your child will pass their 6+ exam?

Once your child’s 6+ practice test performance has improved sufficiently, then use one of the remianing 6+ practice tests from your 6+ test bundle as a mock 5+ exam. Is their 6+ score high enough to pass their 6 plus prep school exam?
Consult with one of our specialist 6+ prep school tutors to find out.

Prep school 6+ exams intro

  • To select students for Year 2 entry into top prep schools.
  • All prep schools test Maths and English. Plus some also test reasoning skills.
  • Practising 6+ exams will also prepare your child for prep schools’ 7 plus exams.
  • Solving these 6 plus past exam papers will give your child good practice in questions ranging from difficulty level easy to hard.
  • We advise parents to practice these 6 plus past papers alongside their child.
  • Doing this will help build confidence to face all kinds of questions. It will also improve your child’s performance in their 6 plus school tests.

So, why are 6 plus school exams used?

  • Private schools conduct 6 plus entry exams to select pupils for year 2 admission into independent schools across the United Kingdom.
  • Hence most 6 plus plus examinations are used to gain a place in top independent schools

Key Points about 6+ Exams School Entrance

  • Some parents wait until the end of Year 6 to move their children to a secondary school.
  • Other parents move them earlier, particularly if you are considering moving your child from a state primary school to an independent preparatory school.

    How best to use our 6+ past papers for your 6+ prep school entry exam revision

    Here is our step-by-step guide to encourage the best form of school entrance test practice. This is using the pracitcematerials which are closest to your schoool entry exam. This is why we offer thevery latest school entrance past paers. These are the best source for your child to use.
    1. You need to search the School Entrance Tests‘ Index to access the 6+ school entrance test which your child will be taking.
    2. Download the latest available 6 plus past papers.
    3. Schedule regular weekly 6+ revision sessions for your child to familiarise themselves with the 6+ exam formats.
    4. As they complete more 6+ practice papers your child will perfect their 6 plus exam technique*
    5. Note those sub-tests (for example the 11 plus for grammar school entry has four separate papers or subtests.

    Our notes for using past school entry papers

    Firstly, the above Guide to using past papers may occur alongside your child’s tutor.

    Also, we also offer more challenging past 6+papers for revision. These are supplied by our practice 6 plus exam partners because of their reputation for providing high quality and engaging online (mock) exams.


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