Which are 2023’s best Prep School 6+ Exam practice papers to use for Year 2 admissions?

Welcome to our Prep school 6+ exams. Here’s some excellent replica versions of real 6+ prep school entry tests:

Practice 6+ prep school papers

Prep school 6+ exams practice

  • To select students for Year 2 entry into top prep schools.
  • All prep schools test Maths and English. Plus some also test reasoning skills.
  • Practising 6+ exams will also prepare your child for prep schools’ 7 plus exams.
  • Solving these 6 plus past exam papers will give your child good practice in questions ranging from difficulty level easy to hard.
  • We advise parents to practice these 6 plus past papers alongside their child.
  • Doing this will help build confidence to face all kinds of questions. It will also improve your child’s performance in their 6 plus school tests.

So, why are 6 plus school exams used?

  • Private schools conduct 6 plus entry exams to select pupils for year 2 admission into independent schools across the United Kingdom.
  • Hence most 6 plus plus examinations are used to gain a place in top independent schools

Key Points about 6+ Exams School Entrance