How do I get my child into a top independent school?




Independent schools are by far one of the finest institutions offering education without the interference of any kind of external body and institution. Applying to such a school if someone is moving from state edition school can be tough but not impossible. Such schools are equipped with some of the finest educational programs specifically designed for new and foreign students to get acquainted with the teaching style. Many independent schools have their criteria for taking in new students. They set up high standards in terms of academics so that no lacking students get to be part of their prestigious educational body.

The admission criteria consist of an exam that needs to be passed. Furthermore, there is an interview that is conducted for new students and the parents are interviewed as well. There is a financial clause also as a lot of independent schools ask for a massive amount of admission fees beforehand and that does not include the tuition fees. The examination is a common entrance test that has to be taken by all students seeking admission. If a student scores very well in this examination, then there is a good amount of chance that they might get a scholarship. Thus, get the benefit of studying without having to spend a hefty penny. Preparation for passing the exams is a real struggle. The child needs to be laser-focused and their attention during the exam needs to be on point. In the exam, questions will be based on the core subjects including English, mathematics, etc. Only the top-scoring students will be considered for scholarship programs, which are most of the time quite rare. Furthermore, there is musical scholarship accepted in most independent schools as well. If a student has a substantial amount of artistic talent, then a music scholarship might just cover his/her academic fees. There are different strategies out there with the help of which the student can crack the exams.

Firstly, performing vivid research on the exam and the kind of questions that might be asked is very important. Secondly, appointing a good tutor who can teach the required skills is important if the parents do not have good beforehand knowledge about the examination. Thirdly, an exam strategy needs to be built, where the student will take on mock exams that will prepare them for the actual one when it happens. This will also allow the student to have a good amount of confidence in themselves. All of this will be fruitful if done correctly.

Moving into a primary private school from a state-based school can be quite exciting and frightening at the same time. The student should remember at all times that they are being selected based on their merit and always be confident enough to express their talents whenever they get a chance. There are no such dos and don’ts that a student should abide by. Rather, they should try to live their academic life to the fullest and explore new areas to find new interests.