Our recommended Essex 11 Plus Practice Papers for 2023 entry

Here’s the latest 11 plus practice papers for Essex grammar schools entry 2022.

If you are unsure of your local Essex grammar school, first search here; Where is my local Essex grammar school?


Top 11 plus Essex Practice Papers

Essex grammar schools 11 plus practice tests bundle

We are often asked which are the most useful Essex 11 plus CSSE past papers?

To ensure success of your 2022 Essex 11 plus exam, School Entrance Tests.com recommends that your 11 plus CSSE test practice is as similar as possible to the 11 plus publisher CSSE 11 plus exams for 2022.

You can find that premium level of practice here: Essex 11 plus papers 2022.

School Entrance Tests recommends these Essex 11 plus exam practice tests for 3 key reasons:

  1. These are the best available 11 plus diagnostic tests for benchmarking 11 plus revision progress.
  2. Being familiar with the format of the exam is beneficial for children as it boosts their confidence and helps calm nerves.
  3. Providing parents and their children with the correct school entry exam preparation, reduces the chance of any anxiety-inducing question surprises on 11 plus exam day.

Also, School Entrance Tests knows that:

  • Each practice test is designed to cover the full examination experience, covering Maths and English.
  • The Maths paper covers the complete syllabus expected at this level at the correct difficulty level.
  • The English paper covers all three sections that will come up in the actual exam: Comprehension, Applied Reasoning and Continuous Writing.
  • Answers, marking guidelines and model responses for the Writing section are included.
  • There are five new Essex 11 plus exam practice tests to cover all possible CSSE 11 plus question variations.
  • Each Essex 11+ test contains unique content.
  • All the 11 plus practice tests mirror the actual Essex CSSE 11+ in terms of that specific 11 plus exam’s difficulty level.


What’s the Essex 11 plus registration date?

The 2022 CSSE 11+ exam will take place on Saturday 17th September 2022. Registrations will be open on the official CSSE website from Tuesday 17th May 2022.

When is Essex 11+ results day?

The 11 plus test results for all Essex grammar schools are scheduled to be posted by 1st class post on 2nd December. From 3rd December, the online link will reopen for you to view your child’s test results here on the official CSSE 11+ Results for 2023 Entry site.


School Entrance Tests.com recommends that your 11 plus CSSE test practice is as similar as possible to the

11 plus publisher CSSE 11 plus exams for 2022.


Essex CSSE English paper

Essex CSSE 11 plus Maths paper 2022

The Essex 11 plus maths paper, has a 60 minutes administration and completion time allocation (by each Essex grammar school).


How many grammar schools are there in Essex?

There are 13 grammar schools in Essex, a county in southeast England. Of these 13 schools, 11 are part of the  Consortium of Selective Schools in Essex (CSSE).

The CSSE schools set up their own entrance exam papers. These consist of 2 tests, each being worth 60 marks:

      • English: one hour plus 10 minutes’ additional reading time, covering comprehension, applied reasoning (puzzle solving) and continuous writing. Some of the questions are multiple-choice.
      • Maths: one hour, with answers written on the question sheet provided.


Where are the Essex grammar schools?

The following schools are not part of the consortium and their entrance tests vary. For more information, visit the school site.


CSSE 11 plus test practice

Essex 11 Plus practice.

Summary 11 plus differences Essex grammar schools 2022

Essex 11 plus English paper format

  • Essex grammar schools have their own unique 11 plus exam for the whole county.
  • This Essex 11 plus exam comprises two separate 11 plus papers.
  • These are each worth 60 marks. During the English test, the grammar school provides 1 hour (for answering the 11 plus questions); plus an additional 10 minutes of reading time.
  • The English paper covers: 11 plus English comprehension, 11 plus continuous writing, and 11 plus verbal reasoning.


 CSSE 11 Plus (for the Essex consortium of grammar schools)

The CSSE 11 Plus consists of two tests: firstly the CSSE English paper and secondly, the CSSE Maths paper.

Firstly, the English paper will last sixty minutes with ten minutes additional reading time.

  • Each paper is worth 50%, or equally weighted. A child’s score on each paper is standardized.

Secondly, the English paper also has a Creative Writing section.