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Welcome to our 2023 CAT4 Year 11 practice tests.

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2023 CAT4 Year 11 Practice Tests for ages 16, 17 years

Below are School Entrance Tests‘ Age 16+ 17+ CAT4 Year 11 Practice Testsincluding some of GL Education’s CAT4 examples.

We recommended the following CAT4 Year 11 preparation materials since these are the closest to the publisher’s CAT 4.

THE BEST two Year 11 CAT4 practice test purchase options for you are as follows:

Free CAT4 year 11 Sample TestsFull CAT4 year 11 Practice Packs
CAT4 Free Practice Test Year 11CAT4 Level G Practice Test Pack for Year 11

How is the CAT4 scored?

The Standard Age Score (SAS) is the most important piece of information derived from any standardised test. This is based on the student’s raw score which has been adjusted for age. Then placed on a scale that makes a comparison with a nationally representative sample of students. These are of the same age and come afrom schools across the UK.

How best to prepare for a year 11 CAT4 test


Our popular CAT4 samples

Use the following for more targeted section-based CAT 4 test practice:

  1. Figure Analysis year 11 CAT4 sample questions
  2. Number Series year 11 sample CAT4 questions
  3. Figure Matrices year 11 CAT4 sample and CAT4 year 11 Figure Classification sample.
  4. CAT4 year 11 Number Analogies sample , Verbal Analogies CAT4 year 11 sample questions , CAT 4 year 11 Verbal Classification sample and Figure Recognition year 11 CAT4 sample questions.

Our CAT4 videos for school educators using CAT4 best practice




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