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We recommended the following CAT4 Year 8 (UK) since these are the closest to the publisher’s CAT 4 ‘Year 8 practice CAT4 tests. Your best two CAT4 purchase options are:

Free CAT4 Year 8 Sample TestsFull CAT4 Year 8 Practice Packs
CAT4 Free Practice Test Year 8CAT4 Level E Practice Test Pack for Year 8

The above Year 8 CAT4 practice test packs are

THE MOST effective Year 8 CAT4 practice tests because your child can familiarise themselves with this school year-specific CAT4’s different types of question, and Year 8 CAT4 section formats.

What’s a good CAT4 Year 8 score?

A Year 8 child scoring 126 or above on their CAT4 school assessment is performing in the top 4% of Year 8 children. This indicates that their performance is significantly above average compared to their fellow Year 8 pupils taking the CAT 4.

However, CAT4 parents and CAT4 tutors must bear in mind two key CAT4 scoring issues:

  1. ‘Good CAT4 result’ varies from one independent school admissions process  to another. So, what? Well, it is essential for any child’s CAT4 score to be seen in the context of the specific private school or gifted child programme’s CAT 4 entry requirements.
  2. We recommend checking your child’s CAT4 entrance requirements at the school, or CAT4 admissions person, responsible for those CAT4 pass requirements your child is aiming for.

This is School Entrance Test’s recommended route for establishing the specific CAT4 benchmarks being used in this instance.


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Year 8 are pupils aged 13 years.


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CAT4 year 8 test sample papers and CAT 4 year 8 test sample questions.