Our recommended 2023 CAT4 Year 8 practice test papers

Welcome to School Entrance Tests‘ CAT4 Year 8 Practice Testsincluding some of GL Education’s CAT4 examples, premium CAT4 test practice for every pupil age.


CAT4 Year 8 Practice Test Papers for pupils aged 13 years


We recommended the following CAT4 Year 8 (UK) since these are the closest to the publisher’s CAT 4 ‘Year 8 practice CAT4 tests:


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The CAT4 practice test questions above and below are the best on the market for familiarising yourself with the
various CAT4 section type of question format. You can purchase several CAT4 level e practice test papers 1, 2,  3, 4 and 5 to track your progress.

Targeted Year 8 CAT 4 test practice by CAT4 section

CAT4 Verbal Analogies test practice targeted and CAT4 Verbal Classification  targeted practice.

Targeted CAT4 Number Analogies test practice. and CAT4 Figure Matrices test practice.

CAT4 Figure Analysis test practice targeted and CAT4 Figure Classification targeted practice.

Targeted CAT4 Number Series test practice and CAT4 Figure Recognition targeted test practice.

Each of these CAT4 levels practice will effectively prepare your child

Our CAT4 videos

  Our CAT4 sample CAT4 test report.

CAT4 Level E pack which is for students in UK Year 8, or Grade 7 (USA / UAE).

How do I prepare my child for their CAT4 Level E test?

  1. Read this feature to learn what your CAT4 results mean for your child.
  2. Get familiar with the type of questions in the CAT4 test and the different CAT 4 test sections.
  3. Watch this Free CAT 4 Level E demo.

Level E CAT4 preparation

Parents can support their child’s Level E CAT4 preparation in other ways. For example, here’s how the CAT 4 is often used in schools


CAT4 year 8 test sample papers and CAT 4 year 8 test sample questions.

School Entrance Tests’ CAT4 year 8 test practice and CAT4 year 8 practice tests.