Our recommended 2023 CAT4 Year 7 practice test papers

Welcome to School Entrance Tests‘ CAT4 Year 7 Practice Tests, premium CAT4 test practice and other free CAT4 tips / CAT4 resources. including some of GL Education’s CAT4 level d examples.


2023 CAT4 Year 7 Practice Test Papers

These are for pupils aged 12 specifically. We recommended the following CAT4 Year 7 preparation materials since these are the closest to the publisher’s CAT 4 Year 7 assessment suite:


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These CAT4 practice test questions are the best on the market for familiarising yourself with the:
– CAT4 section type of question format
– GL Assessment’s testing platform environment 
– recent updates to either, or both, of the above.

For school pupils aged 16+ & 17+ Years,

our CAT4 year 7 practice test papers.

Our CAT4 videos


Age 10+ cat4 year 7 practice test online free

and cat4 test examples CAT4 Year 7 Practice Tests.


School Entrance Tests’ best practice steps for passing CAT4

  1. Read this feature to learn what your CAT4 results mean for your child.
  2. Get familiar with the type of questions in the CAT4 test.
  3. Try some of our free CAT4 practice tests.
  4. Move onto our premium CAT4 practice tests. This offers specific CAT4 test practice for Year 11+ (Level G).

Age 12+ cat 4 level d practice test online free – – cat4 test sample questions – –

cat4 test examples Level D CAT 4 test practice