Our recommended CAT4 Level B practice test papers

See School Entrance Tests’ recommended 10+ CAT4 Level B Practice Tests below.

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The top CAT4 Level B practice test papers

including many CAT4 Sample Questions and CAT4 Examples at every CAT4 Level.

  1. Read this feature to learn what your CAT4 results mean for your child.
  2. Get familiar with the type of questions in the CAT4 test.
  3. Try some of our free CAT4 practice tests.
  4. Move onto our premium CAT4 practice tests. This offers specific CAT4 test practice for Year 11+ (Level G).


How should I prepare for the CAT4 level B?

Well, here’s how GL Assessment introduce their CAT4:

Our guides to other standardised cognitive tests

The CAT4 is one of the most widely used standardised cognitive test in the UK and the US. Although there are many others. Many are employed to determine places for gifted children programmes in the US.

We offer many guides to the other popular standardised cognitive tests. Plus practice test materials for each one.


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