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The top CAT4 practice test papers for Year 5

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What’s a good CAT4 Year 5 score?

A Year 5 child scoring 126 or above on their CAT4 school assessment is performing in the top 4% of Year 5 children. This indicates that their performance is significantly above average compared to their fellow Year 5 pupils taking the CAT 4.

Since it is a standardised school assessment, the average CAT 4 score is always 100.


Our recommended routes for establishing specific Year 5 CAT4 benchmarks

Always bear in mind the following two key CAT4 scoring issues for Year 5:

  1. ‘Good CAT4 result’ varies from one independent school admissions process  to another. So, what? Well, it is essential for any child’s CAT4 score to be seen in the context of the specific private school’s Year 5 standards. Or the gifted child programme’s CAT 4 entry requirements if that is how the CAT4 is being used for Year 5.
  2. We recommend checking your child’s CAT4 Year 5 entrance requirements at the school, or CAT4 admissions person, responsible for those CAT4 pass requirements your child is aiming for.


How should I prepare for my year 5 CAT4 level B?


So, what is the CAT4 assessment battery?

The Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) Is a diagnostic tool designed to aid pupils, parents and respective educators:

  • how these students prefer to learn on an individual basis
  • academic potential
  • thinking styles

The CAT4:

  •  is designed to give schools a broad assessment – especially when compared to more traditional numeracy and literacy tests.
  • assesses potential and how pupils learn. Again, unlike many established school assessment tests.
  • Results help teachers determine the most suitable style and pace of learning for each individual student.
  • Whether the level of any additional support that may be necessary.
  • For the more able pupils, how much, and which types of learning challenges are important.


What are the eight CAT4 subtests called ?

Each is assessed by two CAT4 sections, as detailed below:


So, which skills does the CAT4 assess?

Tasks involve thinking about:

  • shapes and patterns (Non-Verbal Reasoning)
  • words (Verbal Reasoning),
  • numbers (Quantitative Reasoning)
  • mentally generating and transforming visual images (Spatial Ability).


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Free CAT4 Practice Test Year 5CAT4 Level B Practice Test Pack for Year 5


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