Which are THE BEST prep schools near me for 2023 entry?

Welcome to our nearest prep schools for 2023 entry.

This includes:

  • Best schools in London near you.
  • Top private schools 2023
  • Latest top Prep school league tables 2023.
  • Free common entrance exam practice tests.

So, which are the best PREP schools near me for 2023 entry?

1 Guildford High Junior School, Guildford
2 Seaton House School, Sutton
3 St Martin’s Preparatory School, Grimsby
4 Haberdashers’ Girls’ Junior School, Borehamwood
5= Highfield Priory School, Preston
5= Reddiford School, Pinner
7= Alpha Preparatory School, Harrow
7= St Bernard’s Preparatory School, Slough
9 Royal Grammar School Junior School, Newcastle upon Tyne
10= Carleton House Preparatory School, Liverpool
10= St Anne’s Preparatory School, Chelmsford
12= Notting Hill and Ealing High School Junior School GDST, London
12= St Mary’s Colchester Lower School, Colchester
14 Ursuline Preparatory School, Warley, Brentwood
15 Mayfield Preparatory School, Walsall
16 Chigwell Junior School, Chigwell
17 Durston House, London
18 Breaside Preparatory School, Bromley
19 Elm Green Preparatory School, Chelmsford
20 The Belvedere Preparatory School, Liverpool

To interprete any school league table, the first thing you need to know is your local catchment area.

Then to establish which prep schools are within that catchment area.

How close to me are the nearest top prep schools?

  • News websites allow you to add filters to their published league tables. You can pull out those prep schools for which you are in the catchment area. Then compare your chosen prep schools on your most important criteria.
  • The prep school league table rankings are based on national key standards, called the SATs and GCSE results. Non-exam based criteria are also used to determine the rankings.
  • You need to conduct your own analysis to determine which prep school best suits your child’s specific needs.

Best schools in london – top private schools uk – best prep schools in london

  • Check the latest Ofsted report too. Each Ofsted report is an analysis of that prep school’s teachers’ professional competence  Plus, whether Ofsted’s performance standards have been met across that prep school. There are three possible outcomes: under-achieving; achieving; or outstanding.
  • To search you put in the name of any prep school. You then can access its history of Ofsted inspections and their associated scores.
  • More refined prep school searches are recommended. So, for prep schools, we advise checking GCSE results.  Then compare these against the national standards for GCSE results.

top Prep school league table 2023

When are my local prep school open days?

So now you need to visit each prep school to decide which prep school is the good fit for your child.


Top prep schools 2023

 Mixed sixth form










13Guildford High Junior SchoolGuildford11611711334645Girls
212Alpha Preparatory SchoolHarrow11211511434118Boys Girls
31St Martin’s Preparatory SchoolGrimsby11211511334022Boys Girls
45Seaton House SchoolSutton11411611034020Girls
58Haberdashers’ Aske’s School for Girls, Junior SchoolBorehamwood11411411133950Girls
627=Ursuline Preparatory School, WarleyBrentwood11211411333918Boys Girls
76Highfield Priory SchoolPreston11511133729Boys Girls
813Carleton House Preparatory SchoolLiverpool11111511133723Boys Girls
925Chigwell Junior SchoolChigwell11211333654Boys Girls
1011Notting Hill and Ealing High School Junior School GDSTLondon11311211133647Girls
1117Mayfield Preparatory SchoolWalsall10911511233623Boys Girls
12=18St Anne’s Preparatory SchoolChelmsford11211311133619Boys Girls
12=23St. Mary’s Colchester Lower SchoolColchester11211333619Girls


Benedict House Preparatory School

Sidcup11011411233618Boys Girls
1510Royal Grammar School Junior SchoolNewcastle-upon-Tyne11211211133573Boys Girls
1615St Bernard’s Preparatory SchoolSlough11011433540Boys Girls
172Newbridge Preparatory SchoolWolverhampton11211410933514Girls
1820Durston HouseLondon11111211133448Boys
194Reddiford SchoolPinner11011311133440Boys Girls
2026Elm Green Preparatory SchoolChelmsford11111133337Boys Girls
2151Windrush Valley SchoolChipping Norton11211111033310Boys Girls
22Rydes Hill Preparatory SchoolGuildford11211210833218Girls
23Date Valley SchoolMitcham10811411033213Boys Girls
2435Breaside Preparatory SchoolBromley11011033139Boys Girls

St Peter’s School

Kettering11111210833117Boys Girls
2631Oakwood SchoolPurley11011210933116Boys Girls
2750Notre Dame Prep SchoolNorwich11011210833034Boys Girls
2814The Belvedere Preparatory SchoolLiverpool10811211033019Boys Girls
2932Ursuline Preparatory School, IlfordIlford10811032922Boys Girls
30Suffah Primary SchoolHounslow10911110932917Boys Girls
3137Griffin House Preparatory SchoolAylesbury11011110832916Boys Girls
3238Park SchoolBournemouth11011110732837Boys Girls
3339The Shrubbery SchoolSutton Coldfield10911110832830Boys Girls
3421Froebelian SchoolLeeds11111010732824Boys Girls
3527=Hopelands Preparatory SchoolStonehouse11110810932819Boys Girls
3647Oliver House SchoolLondon10910832817Boys Girls


Abbey School

Torquay10811011032810Boys Girls
3841Mylnhurst Preparatory SchoolSheffield10611210932721Boys Girls
3972Buttercup Primary SchoolLondon10911010832710Boys Girls
4044Merton Court Preparatory SchoolSidcup10910810932638Boys Girls
4136Lincoln Minster Preparatory SchoolLincoln11010810832626Boys Girls
42King’s School, PlymouthPlymouth11010910732623Boys Girls
4334New Hall SchoolChelmsford10810910832560Boys Girls
4449St Andrew’s SchoolRochester10811010732542Boys Girls
4545Widford Lodge Preparatory SchoolChelmsford10810810932540Boys Girls
46Dale House SchoolBatley10711010832511Boys Girls
4729St Michael’s SchoolLeigh-on-Sea10810910732436Boys Girls
4859Sacred Heart SchoolWadhurst10810910732412Boys Girls
4954Loyola Preparatory SchoolBuckhurst Hill10910710732323Boys
5030St Winefride’s RC Independent SchoolShrewsbury10611010732320


Best schools in london – top private schools uk – best prep schools in london

Top London prep schools

North London Collegiate school

First, we have the North London Collegiate school which was established in 1850 and is still one of the best performing schools in England. Some of the greatest minds in the country attended this school. Being located in Harrow, UK, it gets students from all around the country and is considered as an education-focused institution, which commits to building students from the ground to successful human beings. This is a girl school and most girls in harrow have either some connection with this school or studied there.

King’s College School

The second one on our list is King’s College School which is world-renowned and is located in Wimbledon. Post its foundation in the year 1829, it declared itself as an independent school that will not be involved with any foreign governance. The school offers a brilliant faculty with a peaceful environment that is ideal for educating children and building a strong foundation. The school has been there teaching students for a considerable period of time, so if someone is planning to admit their child to one of the finest schools in England, then this might just get the job done.

City of London school for girls

By the name, one will be able to understand that this school has been built for taking in guys primarily. The school is one of the finest independent schools in the UK and has been there for more than 50 years. It was founded in 1894 by William Ward and is being funded by the City’s cash. The school was primarily a part of Freeman’s School in London but later established itself as a separate entity. With free registration, the school offers the contemporary version of the syllabus that will equip children with the highest amount of knowledge and offers behavioral programs well to make the students disciplined.

South Hampstead highs school

In the North-Western part of England lies the South Hamstead school, which is one of the best independent bodies out there for acquiring top-class education. The school is developed by the Girl’s Day School Trust and is operating under the leadership of Victoria Bingham. It houses more than 900 students and has the facility for focusing on all the individual needs of the children. The staff of this school understand the importance of education and tries to keep a learning atmosphere all around the campus.


Times Education Supplement independent school awards

Best independent school’s use of technology  – Rugby School

  • Rugby School, in Warwickshire, captured the judges’ attention through its use of technology to help students adjust to lockdown restrictions.
  • Investment in technology enabled Rugby to continue with a largely normal timetable within three days of school closures.
  • Lectures continued online, while virtual music lessons started the day after pupils went home.

Independent School Creativity TES award – Wycombe Abbey

Wycombe Abbey impressed the judges with its pioneering Carrington Award scheme, which was the result of a two-year research project undertaken by staff.

  • This Buckinghamshire school, for girls aged 11-18, created the leadership programme for its sixth form around four key principles: leadership, responsibility and global thinking; confidence and self-reliance; creativity and vision; and critical thinking and intellectual curiosity. The school wanted the programme to be authoritative and to reflect the global outlook of its students (who come from 29 different countries). It also needed to be ambitious – to develop the potential of the school’s able cohort – and worthwhile, supporting students’ resilience and creativity.

Taught through a mixture of university-style seminars and lectures by experts over four periods per week, teaching methods emphasise discussion and debate as preparation for higher education. Judges were particularly impressed by the school’s use of transmedia storytelling, using a variety of media to immerse students in a narrative. Leadership skills are further developed through a two-day Leadership Summit with a local boys’ school, Reigate Grammar School.

The Carrington Award also forms a major part of Wycombe Abbey’s outreach programme, where pupils from three local state schools are invited to participate in events developing communication, commercial and leadership skills.

Independent school’s Strategic education initiative – Harrow School Online

  • Its online sixth form inspires through success coaches, mentors, tutors and teachers…an excellent example of the innovative delivery of the British curriculum.”
  • The school has enrolled pupils from more than 16 countries in its first year.
  • Alongside the academic programme, students can take part in extracurricular clubs and societies. An elective programme offers them the chance to study subjects from quantum physics to investment.
  • Students can access a skills and mindset course to develop their resilience and self-knowledge, and they have fortnightly individual meetings.


2021 TES Award for Top Wellbeing initiative – Norwich High School for Girls (GDST)

  • Norwich High School for Girls’ wellbeing programme has prioritised students’ mental health during a challenging year.
  • The school runs an ongoing programme of self-care and education for staff and students through PSHE sessions, assemblies and staff CPD.
  • Plus, a regular counsellor’s blog, online wellbeing talks and Q&A sessions.


2021 TES Award for Top Prep school  – Saint Ronan’s School

  • Saint Ronan’s School, in Kent, has transformed a tumultuous 12 months into a “year of wonder”.
  • They opened a new art, DT and computing centre to inspire pupils’ creativity.
  • The school organised daily photography competitions, riddles and stories, and a virtual paper aeroplane tournament to keep pupils’ spirits up. From online concerts to “cringeworthy” staff videos, the school made sure its cohort felt engaged, safe and nurtured.