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We focus here on the GL Assessment’s CAT4 Figure Analysis subtest;

with practice test links for the different CAT4 levels from the CAT4 Figure Analysis Level A to CAT4 Figure Analysis Level G


CAT4 Figure Analysis example question


CAT4 practice test Figure Analysis (Years 4 to 12)

Please see our list below of CAT4 test practice Figure Analysis with the Year shown first.

What are the above CAT 4 practice tests’ benefits?

  • Detailed visual explanations are provided for every single question.
  • By researching the Figure Analysis module in detail, we’ve managed to identify every single possible version of the question type that could come up in your child’s test.

So, in summary, there are two key factors:

  1. Firstly, these are THE most accurate and efficient way to prepare for the CAT4 Figure Analysis module.
  2. And secondly, they will introduce your child to allof the possible types of CAT4 Figure Analysis exam question.
  3. Thirdly, for each CAT4 level, there’s a unique set of 6 online practice tests that will help your child prepare for the Figure Analysis module in the CAT4 test.


What is figure analysis all about?

  • Each CAT4 Figure Analysis test question presents pupils with a square.
  • This question square has been repeatedly folded. Then has had one or more holes punched through it.
  • Pupil respondents must establish the final unfolded product.
  • This test assesses visualisation processes; the ability to create a complex mental image and to retain it in their head. Then to manipulate it before comparing the imagined result with other presented material.
  • The CAT4 Figure Analysis test makes up half of the CAT4 spatial reasoning content.
  • With the other half comprises the CAT4 Figure Recognition test content.
  • Both the CAT4 Figure Analysis and the CAT4 Figure Recognition test questions assess visualisation skills. In particular, the ability to create and retain a firm mental image of a shape that represents angles and lengths accurately.

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