Our recommended CAT4 Verbal Classification practice test papers

We hope you find the sample GL Assessment CAT 4 Verbal Classification practice tests useful:

FREE CAT 4 Verbal Classification sample questions.



  • Then purchasing CAT4 practice test papers for your child’s year group below. This is because all the types

bookBUY CAT4 Years 4 to 10


of Verbal Classification question are included multiple times. Thus your child will receive plenty of practice in all Verbal Classification question types.

  • And thirdly focusing on the training video(s) for the CAT4 sections where your overall CAT4 performance is the weakest:

Non-Verbal Reasoning Video Course and/ or this highly recommended Spatial Reasoning Training Course.



Which skills does each CAT 4 section assess?

1) CAT4 Verbal Reasoning 

2) Non-Verbal Reasoning CAT 4 section 

3) CAT4 Quantitative Reasoning

Number Analogies and Number Series CAT4.

4) CAT4 Spatial Reasoning CAT 4 section 

Figure Classification and CAT4 Figure Matrices.


Parents’ Guide to the CAT4

Most schools inform parents about CAT4 tests in advance. As a result, parents get to know their plans and expectations from students. However, pupils are advised against making preparations for the CAT4 tests at home. CAT4 Individual reports to parents show the performance of their children across the four batteries. Consequently, schools present results to parents and students using the Stanines (ST) since it is easy to comprehend. Notably, the CAT4 website contains a short generic overview that can assist parents to understand more about the tests.


In addiiton to our recommended CAT 4 Verbal classification practice tests…


Targeted CAT 4 test practice by CAT4 section

CAT4 Verbal Analogies test practice targeted and CAT4 Verbal Classification  targeted practice.

Targeted CAT4 Number Analogies test practice. and CAT4 Figure Matrices test practice.

CAT4 Figure Analysis test practice targeted and CAT4 Figure Classification targeted practice.

Targeted CAT4 Number Series test practice and CAT4 Figure Recognition targeted test practice.

Each of these CAT4 levels practice will effectively prepare your child for the CAT4 exam.


CAT4 test sample Figure Classification papers – CAT 4 test sample questions Figure Classification – CAT 4 test section explanations