Putting Children’s Strengths First series – Does My Child Need Therapy?

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 Does My Child Need Therapy?

There may be times when you are worried whether or not your child needs therapy. If you are concerned that your kid should meet with a therapist, this is not a cause for concern. Here are a few ways to tell if you should seek professional help for your student.

Behaviors to Look Out For

In many cases, if a child could benefit from therapy, there has been a shift in behaviors that may have gone unnoticed. Make sure to watch out for these changes in how your children act, so you will have a better idea if they need some mental health support.

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Changes in Mood

If you have observed that there has been a severe shift in moods recently, this is something you should pay attention to. This is especially important if your child has seemed sad or down for many days at a time. They may be feeling depressed and could benefit from working with a therapist.

Not Hanging Out With Friends

When your kids stop hanging out with their friends or tell you that they aren’t friends with people that they have known for a long time, this might be something you should take notice of as well. They may be staying away from people and isolating themselves, which is not an ideal situation.

Getting in Trouble at School

Is your child getting in trouble at school and they never have before? When your kid is acting a completely different way than ever before, this is something that you need to talk to them about. There may be something that is bothering them that they must discuss. If they don’t want to talk to you, they may wish to talk to a counselor about how they feel.

Being Uninterested in Things

Another possibility to watch out for is when your kid becomes uninterested in things that they used to love. Perhaps they have played soccer for years and they decided that they never want to play anymore. While a child can outgrow certain activities as they grow up, if this behavior seems like it popped up overnight, you may want to seek the help of a therapist to find out what is going on.

Not Sleeping or Eating

Anytime your child isn’t sleeping or eating, this is something that you must address as soon as you can. They may be experiencing depression or another mood disorder that is causing this type of symptom. A therapist might be able to treat these symptoms and lessen them.

How to Find a Therapist

There are a couple of straightforward ways you can find a therapist to work with. One is by talking to your kid’s pediatrician. They may be able to provide you with a referral to a child psychologist, who can work with your little one, in an attempt to determine what is going on with them and what should be done about the behaviors they are exhibiting.

Another way you can locate a therapist is through online therapy apps. This allows you to work with a therapist from your phone, anytime that is convenient. There are plans available that will be able to offer family therapy or treatment for kids. Online therapy may be more economical for you and there are often trial periods, so you can see if it is a good fit for your needs before you spend any money.


There are a few ways that you may be able to tell if your child could benefit from working with a therapist. If they are getting in trouble at school or are acting in a manner that they never have before, it may be time to reach out for a professional’s help.

Make sure you talk to your offspring, to see if they are comfortable discussing what is going on with you too. When it comes to finding a therapist, you can choose to take advantage of in-person or online therapy apps, and either approach could make a difference for your child.

Putting Children’s Strengths First series – Does My Child Need Therapy?

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Does My Child Need Therapy?