Grammar schools Northern Ireland 11 plus papers for 2023 entry

Welcome to our Northern Ireland 11 Plus papers practice for 2023 entry.

2023 Northern Ireland 11 Plus Papers Practice

The challenging CEM 11 Plus Test assesses student literacy, numeracy and reasoning skills.

Firstly, here are some excellent 11+ Maths tips.

In our opinion, these are some of the best 11 plus tips for Verbal Reasoning.

Shropshire 11 plus. Outside of stone building.

Next, the School Entrance Tests 11+ Verbal Reasoning Practice.

Our book on Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests book.

Firstly, to improve your literacy skills.

Secondly, practice improving your spelling and grammar.

Thirdly, some general 11 Plus English Practice.



Our 11 Plus exam papers  

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Grammar School Practice Tests 

Firstly, Bucks 11 plus.  Secondly, Devon 11 plus. Thirdly, Essex 11 plus. Fourthly, Kent 11 plus. Next, Gloucestershire 11 plus. Then, Lincolnshire 11 plus. Also, London 11 plus. Then, Yorkshire 11 plus. Also our Slough 11 plus. Then Reading 11 plus. Next, West Midlands 11 plus. And penultimately, South-East 11 plus. And finally, South-West 11 plus.


Northern Ireland 11 plus grammar schools