Our recommended London 11 plus 2023 exam practice papers

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London 11 plus mock exam practice papers

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London Grammar schools

London has nineteen of England’s 164 grammar schools. We have listed these by London Borough below

Barnet grammar schools 2022

  • Henrietta Barnett School (girls)
  • Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School for Boys Queen Elizabeth’s School is located on a 30-acre piece of land and was founded in 1573. In 1994, the School reverted to a boys’ grammar having become a comprehensive school in 1971. According to the Sutton Trust, the school sends more pupils to Oxford and Cambridge than any other English state school. Pretty impressive, right? So if you want your child to go to Oxbridge, this school is one to watch!
  • St. Michael’s Catholic School (girls)

Bexley grammar schools 2022

  • Beths Grammar School (boys) Boys aged 11 to 16 are admitted to Beths Grammar School. A mixed Sixth Form is also available at this elite school.
  • Bexley Grammar School (mixed) Sir Edward Heath founded and launched Bexley Grammar School in 1955. It is a co-educational, Academy-accredited school in Welling.
  • Chislehurst and Sidcup School (mixed) In 1931, Chislehurst and Sidcup School first opened. This co-ed school in Sidcup, known as ‘Chis and Sid,’ has academy status.
  • Townley Grammar School (girls) Townley Grammar School in Bexleyheath is a girls’ academy. The grammar school, formerly known as Bexley Technical High School for Girls, serves students in Years 7 through 11, with a mixed male sixth form.

Bromley grammar schools 2022

  • Newstead Wood School (girls) Newstead Wood School in Orpington is yet another very selective girls’ school. The Kent Education Committee founded it in 1957, and it became part of Bromley in 1965. The institution has been at the forefront of pushing students to do their best, and giving them specialist guidance in obtaining the highest scores in their A-level exams.
  • St Olave’s & St Saviour’s Grammar School (boys) Orpington is home to this very selective boys’ secondary school. STOGS is a nickname for the school, which is one of the best performing public schools in the country. The FT named St Olave’s as the fourth best performing public school at A-level in 2011. Again, another extremely popular and impressive grammar school.

Enfield grammar schools 2022

  • The Latymer School (mixed) Edmonton’s selective, mixed school was founded in 1624. School spaces are provided based on 11 Plus test results.

Kingston upon Thames grammar schools 2022

  • Tiffin Girls’ School In 2011, Tiffin Girls’ School in Kingston upon Thames transitioned from a voluntary aided to an Academy school. This academy is quite popular in London, with over 1000 students aged 11 to 18 and another 300 in the sixth form.
  • Boys Tiffin School – founded 1880 – annual intake of 180 students.

Redbridge grammar schools 2022

  • Ilford County High School (boys) Ilford County High School was one of the borough of Redbridge’s first selective state schools. This boys’ specialised school has a proven track record. The Sixth Form now offers eighteen AS and A Level disciplines, with the school expecting student numbers to increase in the coming years.
  • Woodford County High School (girls) Woodford County High School (WCHS) is a secondary all-girls selective school in Woodford Green.

London 11 plus mock exams

Sutton grammar schools 2022

  • Nonsuch High School (girls) has won numerous accolades for its specialised science college and language school.
  • Sutton Grammar School (boys) Opened in 1899, Sutton Grammar School is a school with a rich history, going from 11-18 years old.
  • Wallington County Grammar School (boys) With 71 students, the inaugural Wallington County Grammar School (WCGS) opened in 1927. Since 1935, the current location has been on Croydon Road in Sutton.
  • Wallington High School for Girls Wallington High School for Girls was founded in 1888 by a group of nuns and is an elite school in Sutton. The institution features a Sixth Form College and can accommodate around 2310 students.
  • Wilson’s School (for boys) Wilson’s School, a boys’ institution in Wallington, has roughly 1,100 students.


Bromley Grammar School entrance tests

  • Newstead Wood School in Orpington (girls) uses verbal and non-verbal reasoning tests in their selection.
  • St Olave’s Grammar School in Orpington (boys) requires prospective students to first sit the school’s Selective Eligibility Test (SET), comprising of Logic, Mathematics and English. Learners that pass these will be invited to sit second stage tests in English and Mathematics.


Barnet Grammar School entrance tests

  • Henrietta Barnett School will hold their first entrance test over three days from Wednesday 30 September to Friday 2 October. The second part of the Entrance Test, for those ranked in the top 300 after the first round, will take place in early November 2020.
  • Mill Hill County High School and Queen Elizabeth’s School have not announced date changes yet.
  • St Michael’s Catholic Grammar School test is now on Friday 18 September.

The Latymer School has postponed assessment tests until October 2020.

  • Henrietta Barnett School in Hampstead Garden Suburb (girls) changed to the GL 11 Plus for their first-round assessment and assess numerical reasoning, verbal (vocabulary, comprehension and verbal) reasoning and English. The second round is set by the school itself and involves assessment in English (comprehension and creative writing skills) and Maths (problem-solving).
  • Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School for Boys in Barnet uses GL assessment in English and Maths papers. You should use English and Maths practice papers.

Outer London Grammar Schools

our London 11 plus mock exam recommendations

More Barnet Grammar schools

  • Mill Hill County High School in Barnet (mixed) uses GL assessments and they assess Verbal Reasoning and Non-verbal Reasoning for their selection.
  • The Latymer School in Edmonton (girls and boys) adopted the GL assessment and applicants sit tests in Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning and English with the Mathematics and Verbal Reasoning set in a combined paper.
  • Beths Grammar School in Bexley (boys) uses the CEM so please refer to those past papers.
  • Bexley Grammar School in Welling (girls and boys) entrance exam consists of Verbal Reasoning, non-verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning selection tests.
  • Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School in Sidcup, which takes both girls and boys, use the CEM and the 2 papers cover a mixture of verbal reasoning & comprehension, non-verbal reasoning and mathematical reasoning.
  • Townley Grammar School in Bexleyheath is a girls-only school. They use the CEM so please refer to those past papers.

London 11 Plus mock exams

Outer London Grammar Schools. Kingston

Kingston Grammar Schools’ 11 plus mock exams

  • Firstly, Tiffin Girls’ School in Kingston upon Thames (girls) operates a two-stage Test Procedure. The Stage One test consists of an English and Mathematics paper, both multiple choice. Marks on the Stage One test will determine invitation to the Stage Two test, although it won’t contribute to the final determination of offer of places at the school. The Stage Two test will test the core subjects of English and Mathematics.
  • Tiffin School in Kingston upon Thames (boys) makes use of a two-stage Test Procedure. Stage One is the sifting test and consists of English and Mathematics questions. Stage Two also consists of English and Mathematics papers.
  • Kingston Grammar School selection encompasses English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning 11 Plus tests.


Sutton Grammar Schools’ 11 plus mock exams

  • Firstly, Sutton Grammar School for Boys uses a Selective Eligibility Test (SET) set on an English test and a Maths test. Then there’s a second testing stage, again of English test and a Maths test.
  • Secondly, Wallington County Grammar School in Wallington is for boys only. They use the Selective Eligibility Test (11+) set on English and Mathematics. There is no stage two testing.
  • Thirdly, Wallington High School for Girls in Wallington uses a Selective Eligibility Test (SET) set on English and Mathematics. Then there’s a second testing stage, again of English test and a Maths test.
  • Fourthly, Wilson’s School in Wallington, for boys only, uses a Selective Eligibility Test (SET) set on English and Maths. The second stages are as per the above London grammar school tests.
  • Next, Greenshaw High School uses a Selective Eligibility Test (SET) set on English and Mathematics. Then there’s a second testing stage, again of English test and a Maths test.
  • Then, Ilford County High School in Barkingside, a boys-only grammar school, who use a Selective Eligibility Test (SET) set on English and Mathematics. The second stages are as per the above London grammar school tests.
  • Woodford County High School in Woodford Green is a girls-only London grammar school. They use a Selective Eligibility Test (SET) set on English and Mathematics. Then there’s a second testing stage, again of English test and a Maths test.
  • Nonsuch High School for Girls in Cheam use a Selective Eligibility Test (SET) set on English and Mathematics. The second stages are the same as the above London grammar school tests.
  • Michael’s Catholic Grammar School in North Finchley (girls) uses the GL assessment assessing Verbal Reasoning, Non-verbal Reasoning, Mathematics and English.

Outer London 11 Plus Exam Grammar Schools’ mock exams

Beths Grammar School

Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School

Greenshaw High School

Henrietta Barnett School

Ilford County High School

Kingston Grammar School

The Latymer School

Mill Hill County High School

Newstead Wood School

Nonsuch High School for Girls

Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School for Boys

Sutton Grammar School

St. Michael’s Catholic Grammar School

St Olave’s Grammar School

Tiffin Girls’ School

Tiffin School

Townley Grammar School

Wallington County Grammar School

Wallington High School for Girls

Wilson’s School

Woodford County High School

London 11 plus mock exams


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