Top London Private Schools League Tables for 2022/23 entry

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Top London Private Schools League Tables

How do I find London’s Top Independent Schools? The Guardian, The Times and The Telegraph websites allow you to add filters to their published league tables. You can pull out those schools for which you are in the catchment area. Then compare your chosen school group on those criteria which are most important to you.


Which are the best private school practice tests?

School Entrance Tests recommends finding your school’s exam by name here. This will be the closest ‘mock exam’ you can find anywhere online:

How do I interpret the Top Independent Schools’ league tables?

The London independent school league table rankings are based on the latest exam results. These are usually the previous independent school year group’s…

  • GCSE exam results
  • A-Level exam results

But, which independent school best suits your child’s specific needs?


London Ofsted Reports for its independent schools

What are Ofsted reports?

  • Well firstly these are something that you must check for each indepdnet school of interest.
  • Each Ofsted report is an analysis of that school’s teachers’ professional competence
  • Plus, how well performance standards have been met across the independent school. There are three possible outcomes: under-achieving; achieving; or outstanding.


EXAMPLE – Hounslow Private Schools Entrance Exams.

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Hounslow Private Schools Entrance Exams

London is not only the capital of the United Kingdom but also probably seen as an educational hub for UK students and students from all over the world. Many aspire to get into some of the best universities in the world from here and find that a private school education is the best way to prepare for their academic future.

Independent/private schools are spread out over London. These schools are fee paying. Private schools are run by governors and independent of many regulations that apply to state schools. The biggest of these regulations that they are independent of is the National Curriculum.

Private Schools list for Hounslow

Ashton House School
Heathfield House School
Kew House School
The Arts Educational School London
The Falcons School for Boys


Looking for London’s Top Independent Schools’ league tables?


London’s Top Independent Schools’ A-Level results

Welcome to our specialist info on London’s Top Independent Schools’ A-Level results.

Which London indepdent schools exceed national averages?

  • For GCSEs
  • A-Levels

When are London independent schools’ open days?


London’s Top Independent Schools’ A-Level results

The percentage of A Level entries with A / A* grades is the basis for our Table’s A-Level rankings.

Enjoy our Top 40 Independent Schools’ A-Level results!


London's Top Independent Schools' A-Level results. Arial pic of London

Top 10 Independent Schools’ A-Level results 2020

A / A* grades Day Fees
1 89.88 St Paul’s Girls’ School Day Girls 24,891
2 88.92 Westminster School Both Co-ed (Boys Only 7-16) 29,709
3 84.73 St Paul’s School Both Boys 25,032
4 82.35 City of London School for Girls Day Girls 18,384
5 80.21 James Allen’s Girls’ School Day Girls 17,991
6 78.63 King’s College School – Wimbledon Day Boys (Co-ed 6th form) 21,600
7 76.17 Highgate School Day Co-ed 20,970
8 75.7 Alleyn’s School, Dulwich Day Co-ed 19,851
9 72.6 Godolphin & Latymer School Day Girls 21,615
10 71.75 Wimbledon High School Day Girls 18,810




Next 30 Independent Schools’ A-Levels

University College School





Boys (Co-ed 6th form)



12 70.05 South Hampstead High School Day Girls 18,654
13 69.05 Putney High School Day Girls 18,900
14 68.44 City of London School for Boys Day Boys 17,901
15 66.94 Latymer Upper School Day Co-ed 20,130
16 65.44 Notting Hill and Ealing High School Day Girls 18,561
17 63.37 Channing School Day Girls 19,410
18 63.19 Eltham College Day Boys (Co-ed 6th form) 17,775
19 62.62 Dulwich College Both Boys 20,448
20 56.07 Francis Holland School – Regent’s Park Day Girls 20,040
21 55.26 Queen’s Gate – Kensington Day Girls 20,550
22 54.76 St James Independent School For Senior Girls Day Girls 20,100
23 54.37 St Dunstan’s College Day Co-ed
24 52.27 Queen’s College – London Day Girls 19,125
26 49.23 The Harrodian School Day Co-ed 23,040
27 48.41 Forest School – London Day Co-ed 18,681
28 47.1 Brampton College Day Co-ed 19,935
29 46.59 Colfe’s School Day Co-ed 16,929
30 46.26 Ibstock Place School Day Co-ed 20,880
31 41.67 St Benedict’s School Day Co-ed 16,845
32 41.24 Albemarle Independent College Day Co-ed 21,000
33 41 Francis Holland School – Sloane Square Day Girls 20,910
34 39 The Arts Educational School Day Co-ed 16,830
35 38.58 Mill Hill School Both Co-ed 21,141
36 35.11 Streatham & Clapham School GDST Day Girls (Co-ed 3-5) 17,622
37 34.29 Mander Portman Woodward – London Day Co-ed 30,678
38 31.3 Blackheath High School Day Girls 16,494
39 30.5 Chelsea Independent College Both Co-ed 24,000
40 29.25 Sydenham High School GDST Day Girls 16,737

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